Who are we?

Hey Stylers,

Welcome to I Before E Fashions, your online kids clothing boutique. We specializes in toddler and preschool sizes 2T to 6T for your little girls and boys. We're happy you're shopping with us! 


Whenever we go out, my husband and I love to make a statement. In other words, our styles match who we are. As parents, it's only right to dress our kids in clothes matching their personalities. When shopping for our kids and searching for the latest fashions, we found ourselves with the dilemma of either sacrificing style, sacrificing budget, or sacrificing quality. We also liked them having the option of dressing alike, but found it hard to find unisex clothing options in both their sizes. We also don't want to have our children grow up thinking that the only way they can "look good" or have value, is by wearing expensive labels/brands.


With our children, Iniyla and Elias in mind, we decided to create our boutique: I Before E Fashions. We work with manufacturers locally and globally to provide the latest trends and we strive to provide the best quality clothing & accessories at affordable prices. Our styles range from sizes 2T to 6T, with the possiblity of expanding in the near future. We are based in Palos Heights, IL a suburb of the greater Chicagoland area. 

At I Before E Fashions, our tagline is: Your child. Their Style™. We understand that clothing is more than just what is worn, but is a form of self-expression. After all, kids are people too. We all know the feeling of complete joy when we dress our kids as mini versions of us. Therefore, it's only right to find the best, quality clothes that will last. At I Before E Fashions, you can expect quality, innovation and the highest level of customer service. As parents, we expect our children to grow up and do great things. So let's start by having them dress the part.

Happy Shopping!